What is the difference between medicare and medicaid?

what is the difference between medicare and medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid are often lumped together but they are two very different programs designed to do different things. Medicare is the over age 65 government sponsored health care program available to most seniors.  It is designed to provide “rehabilitative” care either in a hospital (Part A) or outpatient setting (Part B).  Medicare’s purpose is … Read more

How To Avoid Probate

How to avoid probate

The topics of Probate and Estate Taxes cause a great deal of confusion.  Somehow, it is generally thought, if you avoid one you avoid the other.  This is not true.  Probate and Estate Taxes cover two different distinct areas. Probate generally refers to those assets that you die with in your name alone.  If assets … Read more

Massachusetts IRA Estate Planning

Massachusetts IRA Estate Planning

Many people now have IRA’s as part of their estate plan.  Putting the money in is the easy part but taking the money out and ultimate distributions can be tricky.  So here are some helpful rules and hints:  IRA money cannot be withdrawn (without a penalty) until you are age 59 ½.  You must start … Read more

Massachusetts Trust

Massachusetts Trust

Trusts can be valuable tools for estate planning purposes but are often misunderstood.  Much confusion exists as to what kind of Trust does what.  So here is a brief overview. A Revocable Living Trust can be useful for maximizing the amount of money a husband and wife can leave estate tax free.  It can also … Read more

Power of Attorney Forms

Attorney Roger Levine Power Of Attorney Forms

Every senior should have five documents in his or her estate plan.  For financial concerns, A Will and a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) are a must (this article).  For health concerns, a Health Care Proxy, Living Will and HIPPA agreement are necessary (next article). A Will is a document that directs how any assets … Read more